Posted by: forgingahead | September 17, 2008

Mom Update

Mom is good! She came through her hip surgery with flying colors (hey, what does that really mean anyway?) The doctor said three things when he came out to talk to us…

1. Mom’s hip really needed to be replaced…so good thing she did it.

2. She lost very little blood (thank goodness for that)

3. Her legs are the same length…apparently this is the place some hip replacement procedures can go seriously off track. Just imagine all the assorted aches and pains in your body if one leg is longer than the other. So I was just tickled to hear that the doctor got this one right!

Go mom!

And thanks to everyone in the blogosphere for your words of support and encouragement.



  1. Great! Good News all around.

  2. That’s great news and a relief. Now you and Bert can move forward knowing everyone is on their own journeys to recovery!

    Take care,


  3. That is wonderful news! !!!

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