Posted by: forgingahead | September 16, 2008

New Knee, New Hip, Same Moms

My mom and Bert’s mom are getting spare parts. Isn’t modern medicine a wonderful thing?

Bert’s mom Henny went first a couple of weeks ago. Her knee was down to bone on bone and while I’ve not had the benefit of first-hand experience I can tell you it LOOKS painful.

Henny was walking pretty bowlegged by the time she gave in and scheduled the surgery. The doctors decided to just wait her out as she spent several months trying to exercise her way back to a good knee.

I can’t blame her. She’s 82 years old and that approach has worked her whole life. But if cartilage is gone then it’s gone and it ain’t comin’ back.

So Henny has a new knee and she’s healing beautifully. Bert was with her when the physical therapist (a 27 year old woman who’d had her knee replaced as well) said she couldn’t believe how quickly Henny was regaining her strength. Faster than people half her age. Bert said his mom just beamed.

Which brings us to my mom, Patricia, who goes in for hip replacement surgery tomorrow. There’s something super scary about your parent going into the hospital. It’s like role reversal.

My mom has a great attitude. She’s been losing weight and getting in shape via water aerobics in preparation for the big day. And she’s focusing on all the fun things she’s going to do when she’s back in fine form with a fully functioning hip.

Our minds are powerful things and this kind of thinking is going to carry her through the days and weeks following her recovery.

So in the spirit of positive thinking, send out a good thought for our moms…after all they’re the glue that holds our world together.




  1. All the best to both Moms as they recover from surgery! May positive and healing thoughts surround them.

  2. My dad is scheduled for his second hip replacement this year (was very happy with the first one, so decided not to put off the second one) next week. Having a parent go into the hospital is definitely scary. Last surgery he had complications and spent 2 weeks there. I’m thinking good thoughts for you mom. The new joints will definately be a blessing to them. Modern medicine is truly amazing.

    Thanks for the comment on Feta in my recipe. That would definately be yummy. And I love quinoa. I’ll be posting a few more recipes over the next few months. Hope you like them.

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