Posted by: forgingahead | September 9, 2008

Make Me Laugh Monday

Ok, so I’m a day behind. What else is new? My good blog buddy and fellow triathlete (so cool that I can claim that standing now that I’ve actually done one) Jenny on the Spot has a fun theme on her blog.

Make Me Laugh Monday is something she’s done off and on and she borrowed (ahem) the idea from Absolutely Bananas her blog twin also named Jenny, also a mom, also living in the Seattle area. Weird. And cool. But weird, in a super good way.

I digress.

Even though I’m a day late I’m meant to write something that will make Jenny laugh. Now if you know Jenny at all this challenge is WAAAAAYYYY too easy. This lady loves to giggle, smile, chuckle and in general enjoy life. It’s one of the many things we love about her. But I shall put forth my very best and let the chips fall where they may.

We have a cat. He’s super cool. His name is Zinger.

Bert calls him a “cog” because he’s really part cat-part dog. I submit the following as evidence of his dog-like traits.

1. He comes when we whistle. Really, he does. Flying through the yard. Thumping up the stairs (he’s got a few extra pounds that contribute to the thumping sound). And diving into the house like we’re the best thing since tuna juice (which really is the best thing!)

Of course, in all honesty he does still have his cat-like moments. Like when we were loading the car to head to Santa Barbara for the triathlon and needed to bring him along. I stood in the yard and called. Whistled. Clapped my hands. No sign of Zinger. Not the slightest tinkle of his bell.

I went back upstairs and moped around. Then while looking out the kitchen window I noticed a swath of orange in amongst the green of the garden. That darn cat had been sleeping soundly about one foot from where I stood calling him!

2. Zinger walks on leash. He travels with us whenever possible because (a) we like having him around and (b) it makes it easier to just pick up and leave the house without arranging catsitters, etc. We started the leash thing at a young age so he tolerates it well.

But again, if I’m being completely clear about the whole leash thing I couldn’t really call it walking. More like tricking him into heading back to a safety zone; a zone defined by the last place he felt safe. That could be the car if we are at a stop along the way and haul him out for a break. I have to carry him a hundred feet from the car and then he RUNS back to the car dragging me along.

Same thing if we’re staying at someone’s house. He quickly figures out the house is the safe place to be so no matter how far away I carry him, he beelines for home base in a flat out run. It’s a beautiful thing to see and good exercise for me too!

Just a few of the cog-like traits Zinger exhibits. He’s really a big love-bucket…sleeps on our heads, cuddles for hours and in general warms our home up with his big kitty personality.

happy tuesday,


  1. Thanks!

    Your cat sounds super special

  2. First off… did you just call me easy??? Hahahaha… 🙂

    Cog! That. Is. Hilarious!, especially since he really does act like a dog! Comes when called… walks on a leash…. crazy cat 🙂 I think I’d like him 🙂 We crazies like to stick together – I know you know what I mean, Kathleen *wink*


    Also – thanks so much for playing MMLM! I love playdates!

  3. At least now you can run fast enough to keep up with him!

  4. I love the nickname – cog! How cute!!

    I’ve got you on my blogroll now so I can have an easy link to your blog! I know I should just cave and do Google Reader but I’m holding out for some reason I can’t explain.

    Happy Tuesday to you! Hope we see you at the next FF!!

  5. Awwww I didn’t see the picture! How CUTE!!!

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