Posted by: forgingahead | August 21, 2008

Foggy SF

Anke’s nephew Angelo has been here for 6 weeks – visiting from Belgium and taking care of Fandango (Anke’s horse) while she’s been winning gold medals at the Olympics. Well, the German equestrian team has been winning the medals…hmmm, I wonder if the grooms get some sort of medal too?

Anyway, I digress. My point is that Angelo returns to his tiny (350 people) town in Belgium next Monday. So we took him on a fast, efficient tourist loop of San Francisco yesterday.

It was, dependably, foggy. That’s one of the first words I shared with Angelo when he arrived. And we say it with gusto. FOGGY. Actually, the way we say it sounds more like fuugy. There’s some very strange weather system going on at the moment and this fog is weird. Heavy and warm. And somehow damper than usual.

So we arrive at the Golden Gate Bridge for a photo opp. Socked in. I mean really socked in – can’t even see a little itty bit of the towers. We took photos anyway. Angelo spent so much time in the fog that it seemed fitting to capture it on film.

Then we circled through the Presidio to our favorite store — Sports Basement — to pick up a few last minute triathlon supplies. On to the worlds shortest cable car ride – we urged Angelo to hop on the Hyde street line and told him to get off at the top. Where we picked him back up in the car and headed down the winding portion of Lombard Street. I told you it was a fast tour.

On our way back through the city we gave Angelo a taste of chinatown’s narrow streets and downtown with its soaring skyscrapers. Then on to one more errand stop — Rainbow Grocery — where we purchased large bags of bulk steel cut oats, quinoa and flaxseed followed by some tasty bread, cheeses, avocado, sprouts and heirloom tomatoes. Yum! This combo makes the WORLDS BEST toasted veggie melt.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this virtual tour of San Francisco!

happy tapering,



  1. that sounds like the perfect tour of SF! i miss it there.

    thanks for finding my blog and commenting! great job on your first triathlon, and i am impressed that you picked such a long one, and had such a great attitude! looking forward to the run report. i have not done that race but it sounds like a great one. do you have any more planned? let me know if you are ever in tahoe or if you want any super awesome tips from a knowitall 😉

    i love finding fellow horse people in the triathlon world… some others include sarah trejo, beth shutt, and amanda lovato. i adore dressage – when i lived in the philippines (at age 8 and 9) that’s all we did was dressage, even though back stateside i found myself in the hunter-jumper world, i love dressage and could spend all day doing flatwork and be ecstatic. especially now, when even just seeing a horse makes me ecstatic!



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