Posted by: forgingahead | August 20, 2008

Taper Week

So I’m totally into this taper thing, though surprised to find that I’m missing the drive of “gotta bike, gotta run, gotta swim.”

Been doing some yoga to keep my body flexi.

Been doing some shopping too – gotta have plenty of Clif bars, Gu, Heed, cashews, string cheese, bananas…food of champions.

We head down to Santa Barbara tomorrow night. Bert is working on his bike as I write this…last minute tune up to give us the edge. Oh yea, the other competitors are quaking in their running shoes. Not.

Last night we did a bit of the ‘ol carbo load. Carbs became enemy number one last year when we began our lifestyle change (it’s not a diet). So it was weird to be bringing loaves of yummy bread and bunches of pasta into the house. Not to mention into my mouth.

But the experts all say that eating a bunch of carbs THREE DAYS before your event helps. It’s the night before carbo loading that is a myth. That just weighs you down and makes you feel sluggish the next morning.

So that’s my life right now…yoga and bread. I can’t WAIT for Saturday…



  1. Me too! Had a little pasta last night… I’m going for protein today. It’s been nice to take it easy but I miss moving my body. Plenty of that to come on Saturday!

  2. Tapering is a cool experience…you know you’re getting close to your goal. 🙂

  3. I am so excited!!!!! Squeee!!!!! You all go, go, go!!!

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