Posted by: forgingahead | August 16, 2008

Tri-Training Music

It’s nearly time to start the taper and boy am I excited! The 5 mile run I did yesterday took it out of me a bit more than I expected. Shouldn’t I be getting stronger? Maybe it’s doing the 34 mile bike and mile swim in the same week. So not sure how I’m going to put all three together in one block of time.

The run did inspire me to get some rockin music on my iPod shuffle. That takes a surprising amount of time…making sure each song has a good beat and inspires happiness in my psyche. Those of you who are my age will appreciate the Journey additions I made to the list!

It’s funny to discover what songs uplift me today that maybe weren’t my favorites back in the day. Maybe that’s because some of the songs are connected to young love and (inevitably) turbulent times. Times that could be bittersweet and positively dripping with emotional memories.

“Who’s Crying Now” is a good example of a song that is kind of hard to listen to these days without being yanked back to 1981. However, “Girl Can’t Help It” is a fun song that isn’t weighed down with meaning.

Why is it exactly that 16 year olds feel emotion so intensely? If anyone has an idea I’d love to hear it.

happy listening…




  1. Hormones. Surging hormones (also referred by some in my circle as “whoremones”…)

    ANYway… you are probably tired from constant training and such focus! Rock on! Taper week will be a huge blessing – enjoy it. I bet you’ll be surprised with how invigorating well-managed resting can be! I am a HUGE fan of the taper week! Don’t be afraid you’ll lose steam – your body needs it!


  2. Thanks Jenny – I need all the encouragement and words of wisdom I can get!

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