Posted by: forgingahead | August 12, 2008

Olympic Dressage Dreams

When I was kid my favorite movie was International Velvet with Tatum O’Neal. Oh I know, all the cool people name drop National Velvet but I was sort of smitten with Tatum from her role as Amanda in The Bad New Bears. I mean, who doesn’t love a traditional ‘girl kicks butt on the boys baseball team’ story?

Plus I could relate – we were about the same age. Hang on a sec and I’ll double check when that film was released…yep 1978 and I was definitely a horse-crazy 13 year old who dreamt of going to the Olympics one day.

Well, I’m not there but my friend and dressage mentor Anke is! She’s on the German Olympic dressage team as a groom for Monica Theodorescu, a reserve rider. She called home early this morning to report that Germany won the Eventing gold medal! The eventing team is different from the dressage team but I imagine it’s a tightly knit community when you’re in a horse barn in Hong Kong with the elite riders and horses of the world.

So I’m living vicariously through Anke and enjoying the live coverage NBC is providing on the web. Yes, I’ll be glued to my laptop screen at 4:15 AM tomorrow to see the start of the dressage competition. And I’ll be scanning the crowds for Anke. She’s the cute blond with the big smile and the heart of gold.

Happy riding…




  1. That’s SO exciting! Wish I could watch on the web but dang NBC’s technology (well, I suppose it’s actually Microsoft’s technology) doesn’t support us non-Intel Mac people. So I’ll be watching on the good ‘ole fashioned DVR tonight.

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