Posted by: forgingahead | August 11, 2008

Swim/Run Brick

Sunday was Bert’s birthday and we greeted the day with another China Beach swim. Sans our swim coach. Ooooh, aren’t we brave guppies? Actually, the swells were rather substantial this fine morning and they definitely got our attention.

We spent a good half hour in the water, swimming back and forth in the relative safety of the cove. I’m gaining an appreciation for the power of the Pacific Ocean each time we go in the water.

Here’s the thing with the real ocean, it has real waves that crash into shore. And this particular shore has real rocks – sizeable suckers – that get tossed around like marbles. And woe to the person left standing midway between swimming and being on the dry sandy beach. That person be me. And my ankles and feet and arches and toes got a bit of a pounding upon my less than graceful exit. Isn’t learning fun?

Bert wanted to do a swim/run brick so we exited the ocean and headed towards our running shoes. But wait, Bert was turning around and yelling something…what’s going on? He found a brick! Washing up onto shore just as we were. A real live brick. There’s something poetic about that and we took it as a good sign.

My transition was wicked slow. I washed my battered feet. Toweled them off more carefully than I do at home. Struggled to put my socks on…something about frozen bruised feet do not lend themselves to the sock putting on process.

Our run was on the lovely scenic “Lands End” trail on the northwestern tip of San Francisco. The fog was in the process of being pushed back out to sea by a warming trend. The wind was down. The day was perfect. Made more so by running into friends Carl, Feyna and their adorable son Freddie. They sang Happy Birthday to Bert and sent us on our running way.

Strength-wise we felt good. I felt way more solid than I did on the bike/run brick. Coach Allison suggested I give my body more immediate fuel when doing these longer workouts and the Cliff Bar and banana were just the ticket.

Less than two weeks! Time to go biking!!!

Happy Training…



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