Posted by: forgingahead | August 8, 2008

Quick Tri Training Update

If I ran, swam or cycled as fast as I write I’d be in serious contention for the Santa Barbara Triathlon. Alas, I do not.

My new bike arrived on Wednesday so of course Bert and I were on the road early Thursday to test it out. It’s lovely, by the way. Never thought I’d say that about a bike but there it is. I have fond feelings for a piece of carbon on wheels (photos to come but the camera is in the car and the garage is down three flights of stairs and this highly tuned athlete is too tired to go down and get it.)

Anyway, I digress. The bike ride was awesome! I felt like Lance Armstrong on my super bike. I even climbed the big hill! I couldn’t keep up with Bert but that’s ok. He’s a real cyclist and a guy and strong and…ok, enough excuses. He’s a better cyclist. Period.

Allyn (Erin’s friend who regaled me with tri-training advice at dinner the other night) strongly suggested I do at least one cycling/running brick before the race.

So I finished one loop and Bert went off for a second tour – probably at a speed more conducive to raising his heart rate above resting. And I went back to the car and laced up my running shoes.

Feeling very triathletic I started jogging down the street. Here’s a sample of the conversation going on in my head at the time:

Hmmm, my legs feel like mud. That’s weird. Well I’ll just keep going. Nicolle says the first 15 minutes of any exercise is a mental battle to get your body on track.

Nope, it’s not getting better. My legs are seriously tired. Oh dear, that was only a 15 mile bike ride. How the heck are my legs going to feel after swimming a mile and biking 34 miles? Don’t go there.

(15 minutes into the run…) Wow, I need to walk a bit. Maybe just a bit of walking will help. (walk walk walk, jog) Nope, legs still feel like they are encased in mud. Heavy.

Back to regularly scheduled programming…

So I learned that it is, in fact, somewhat difficult to run right after biking. Who knew? Here I thought if I just trained for each piece separately I’d be able to put them together on the big day. The good news is I know what my body feels like when it’s struggling. At least I tell myself that’s the good news.

gotta go train some more…


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