Posted by: forgingahead | August 5, 2008

On a Roll

So the three week deadline clearly got my attention. I biked on Saturday, swam on Sunday and ran on Monday. Next goal: do a bike/run brick.

Training for this event has created conversations I never imagined I’d be having. For example, at Erin’s bachelorette party this weekend (shout out to the amazing group of women I had the joy of spending the day with – especially Erin) I talked with Erin’s soon-to-be sister-in-law Kathy about a friend of hers also doing her first triathlon soon.

Funny thing, she’s my age. Maybe it’s the point in our lives when our bodies start to disappoint us by not maintaining a level of fitness without much effort. I’ll have to do more informal interviews to get to the bottom of this.

Anywho, I find myself literally glomming (is that a word?) onto anyone who has actually DONE a triathlon. I’m like a big red haired sponge asking a million questions. And inevitably I learn a few tidbits. Erin’s friend Allyn was sitting across from me at dinner. She said something about running and my ears perked up. So I ask her about triathlons. Sure enough, she’s done a bunch! Ah, a real expert. Where is my laptop for notetaking when I need it?

The one tip I definitely remember her sharing is to bring a container and some water so I can wash my feet free of beach sand before donning by biking shoes. Love that! So there it is folks, today’s hot tri tip (not to be confused with the cut of meat).

And you can visit jennyonthespot, a real triathlete who just completed her first Olympic length event! Go Jenny!

Happy training!



  1. Haha!!! Tri tip!!! hahahahhaaa!!!

  2. Just tracking your amazing achievements thus far. Haven’t done a triathlon, but when I did trained for the Maui Marathon my goal was to finish, which I did. It wasn’t about speed. I’ll continue to tune in for the latest. I have no doubt you’ll do very well…EB

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