Posted by: forgingahead | July 25, 2008

Tandem Update

Bert and I had a great tandem ride this morning! Went about 25 miles round trip and in roughly 2 hours. Half Moon Bay is where Now Voyager (my horse) lives and we like to start from there and ride down Highway One. Not only is it a lovely scenic ride, there’s a decent bike lane and best of all no turns and no stops.

This is key on a tandem because every time you do anything with two people on one bike it’s all about communication. We’ve learned to commit in advance to how many pushes we’re going to do before we get in the saddle. And we count down when we’re stopping too so we both clip out and stop at the same time.

Bert’s in charge with the braking, the shifting and the steering — all his responsibility. I just get to cycle. And look around. Wave to the nice people going the other way. Sit up and stretch my shoulders. Drink my water, eat my string cheese. Ooops, that’s right, I’m biking 🙂

I was definitely stronger this time around. Last time we did this route I had to call uncle about 100 feet from the top of the big giant hill climb. This time I was busy recounting a funny post written by Fat Cyclist about chasing down a rider on a hill. I didn’t lose my breath and we conquered the hill! Go training.

Here’s where we rode…isn’t it pretty and green (except for the big blue Pacific Ocean on the left)

Happy Friday!


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