Posted by: forgingahead | July 21, 2008

Learning German via Cell Phone

I called Angelo tonight to see how my wonderful horse, Now Voyager, fared today. Most excellent news – he remains sound! Now Voyager, not Angelo. Well, I guess Angelo is sound but then he was never lame. Excuse me while I pull myself back from the brink of a rabbit hole…

Anyway. Angelo was reporting on what a good boy Now Voyager was – how he let him put the bridle on with no fuss. How he walked, trotted and cantered like the beautiful strong SOUND thoroughbred he is. Then Angelo proceeded to say a bunch of stuff that didn’t sound good and he used the word kaput a lot.

Oh dear. Angelo and I use the word kaput when we’re at the barn and it means broken. Just breathe Kathleen. “Is Now Voyager ok,” I nearly shout into the phone. “Yes, of course,” says Angelo. Then what the heck is all the kaputing about?

Long story short and much emailing back and forth and using Google translation I get the gist that the golf cart came by, scared my big brave horse to death and he pulled back snapping the cross-tie clips. Angelo soothed the beast by feeding him LOTS of treats and all is well. Whew.

To celebrate the happy ending of this portion of my post I shall share with you a photo of me with my big brave horse who is most brave when I’m standing between him and the thing that could possibly eat him (even a small golf cart).

Angelo and I were so thrilled at our new ability to communicate that I decided to tackle another subject. “Hey Angelo, Paula mentioned that your dad makes chocolate,” I say. “What???” Angelo responds in a voice filled with doubt. “My father is a Baggerfahrer,” he says with authority. “What???” I ask. “I have no idea what you’re saying.” We both laugh about this for a while.

“He makes sweets,” Angelo says. Actually, what Angelo SAID was “he makes streets” but I had chocolate on the brain (ah sweet Belgium chocolate). We went back and forth like this for a while. Angelo: “he takes old sweets and turns them into new sweets.” Me: “That’s kind of strange, why would anyone want old sweets.” (Sorry, I need to take a moment to catch my breath I’m laughing so hard. Very Laurel and Hardy, Who’s on First moment.)

Finally Angelo used Google Translator to reveal that a Baggerfahrer is an Excavator Driver. And his father does, indeed, make STREETS. Thank goodness for Google.



  1. Kathleen!!! Hi!!! I finally made it here!!!

    It was so awesome to meet you – and to be able to spend time getting to know each other! As I read here, I realize I didn’t ask anything about horses and your life and love of them! I suppose I get to learn here 🙂

    Did you ever head to the Nordstrom sale after Macy’s? I was hoping to run into you one more time, but man – that place was crowded.

    Anyway… It was such a treat to meet you, and I am so excited for your coming race! I’ll be back – checking in on all your news!


  2. Jenny!!! Meeting you was the highlight of BlogHer – imagine my surprise when the very first person I talked to turns out to be a seasoned triathlete. Love that!

    Sadly, I did not make it over to Nordstrom that night and the clothing and shoes that would have found a home in my closet were extremely disappointed 🙂

    Good luck to you in your upcoming race and enjoy that snazzy new bike! I’ll definitely keep tabs on you via jennyonthespot!

    Cheers, Kathleen

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