Posted by: forgingahead | July 20, 2008

Healed Horse

Am I going to jinx the whole thing? Perhaps. But I’m euphoric and I can’t be stopped. Now Voyager is healed!

I really need to start carrying my camera with me so I can show you real proof. In fact, he was so sound walking out of his stall this morning that I said to my barn buddy Paula, “I think it’s time to put this big guy on the lunge line.” And so I did.

Not sure if Now Voyager was happy or sad to see the dusty bridle – dusty from SEVEN WEEKS of sitting in the tack room unused. Waiting for his highness to recover from an abscess. And today, at long last, is the day. I think the bridle was happy! Regardless, he accepted the bit into his mouth and then looked around for the cube of sugar I always offer.

For those horsey folks who think I’m seriously spoiling my OTTB (off the track thoroughbred) you would be right. But here’s the deal, Now Voyager his issues. Big issues. Centered around his ears. It’s obviously old history – pre my time. Perhaps there was some ear twitching going on at the track. And for those that ride, you know the bridle has to go OVER the ears. This is Now Voyager’s least favorite part of the day. And a cube of sure as the bit goes into his mouth and the bridle nears his ears takes the edge off. Sugar — so much less dangerous than pharmaceuticals. Hey, a new ad campaign!

It felt so darn good to be doing the pre-exercise routine of putting on his boots (his boots, not mine) and cinching up the girth. Connecting all the draw reins, the lunge line and making sure it was all systems go.

I held my breath as we walked over to the arena. So far so good. Mr. NV seemed full of good spirit which is always a good sign. I let him walk off on a long line and Now Voyager stretched down and immediately fell into a good pace. I was absolutely thrilled to see him stepping over his footprint. This is something Anke really worked with us on before the abscess hit. And it gave me goosebumps to see him really stepping through and using his back.

Walk, trot and canter looked positively lovely going both directions and the draw reins kept all that pent up energy focused on moving forward rather than up. Angelo, Anke’s nephew visiting from Belgium, is going to lunge Now Voyager tomorrow. If all stays on track we should be riding within a week or so. Sweet relief.


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