Posted by: forgingahead | July 17, 2008

Random Ramblings

The seals were there again the other morning. This time they were perched on rocks that the low tide revealed like hidden gems. As I jogged along the edge of the bluff I noticed a tower rising from the water. Definitely man-made. I need to look into it. Further along a lone seal was swimming in a super tight circle. Was he chasing his tail fin? Sure looked that way to me.

Now Voyager had one good day of no pain. He frolicked and bucked and ran around in the arena like a 2 year old. It made my heart sing to see him move and play. He’s such a beautiful horse. However, his hoof still had heat and sure enough the next day he was ouchy again. So we continue our epsom salt soaks and wrapping his hoof in an epsom salt goo solution.

How does a person keep goo on a horses’ hoof? Riders have devised many clever solutions over the years. The one I’ve been trying courtesy of my friend Paula is you start with the goo, then add a sponge to keep it all moist, then a tube sock to hold things in place (and keep the shavings out). Wrap that concoction with a brightly colored tape (vet wrap) and then slip on a boot which has to be duct taped on. Otherwise my clever horse uses his extra sensitive lips to tear the whole thing off.

Today I’m going to try a new plan – one that has been recommended by two veteran horsewomen. Get ready for it…a baby diaper! Just the right size for a horses’ hoof and won’t let the goo leak out! Can’t wait to see that on Now Voyager’s hoof. Hey, whatever it takes to make my boy feel better.

Speaking of boys, I’ve been visiting with Anke’s 17 year old nephew Angelo who is visiting the U.S. for the first time. He comes from a village in Belgium of 350 people so the metropolis of Half Moon Bay take a bit of adjustment. He’s been teaching me German and I’ve been sharing the finer points of our language. Important words like foggy (key for a summer in the Bay Area) and ouch (which is the same in German except spelled Autch). We make each other laugh a lot with our pronunciations.

That’s all for today…be well!


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