Posted by: forgingahead | July 8, 2008

Plugging Along

The bright new shiny happy feelings I’ve had for the last few months are starting to tarnish. Just a bit. When Bert and I first started training for this triathlon everything was a new experience. Could I really run? Something I’d given up back in college. What’s it like to ride a bike after 20 years…do you ever really forget? And how about swimming in the open water with the big fishies?

Turns out I’m kind of addicted to learning new things. Sure I had a healthy dose of cautious optimism (and maybe a bit of fear) when tackling each new thing. But it was challenging, and fun fun fun.

And now the tough part…keeping on keeping on. Now it’s about pushing myself in each sport to get stronger, go faster, last longer. And quite frankly, that’s a little less interesting to me.

I doubted I was the first one to face these challenges so I reached out to my swim coach Morgan Filler. Turns out even world class athletes can relate to not wanting to get out of bed for workout. Just knowing that makes me feel better!

She imparted a pearl of wisdom that I plan to follow…find a pretty place to run like along the water or in Golden Gate Park. I’m definitely in a bit of rut right now with my running and cycling paths.

It’s weird, there’s a sense of safety when going on the same route. I know the hills and how long each section takes. But I think that same sense of knowing works against my psyche.

I just received a new toy via the world’s best toy store, – it’s an iPod shuffle and my friends tell me it will revolutionize my running. Much more fun to run to music!

I’ll let you know how it goes…

In the meantime, check out the new Athleta home page.



  1. Brilliant!

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