Posted by: forgingahead | June 24, 2008

Horsing Around

I haven’t been doing any riding these last few weeks because Now Voyager, my beautiful, handsome, charming thoroughbred, is lame.

If you have horses you know exactly what I mean when we talk about waiting and seeing. He can’t tell me what’s wrong and even though the vet, the farrier, and all my barn friends have poked, prodded and noodled around none of us are 100% sure we even know the right area. Hoof, leg, knee, hip, back. Front or rear. We suspect the left front hoof.

Here’s a photo of my boy (on the right) and his best friend Fandango, a 16.3 hh Bavarian Warmblood who towers over my 15.3 hh racing machine…

Fandango’s human, Anke is behind him. I’m behind Now Voyager. This is the first time they “met” and we were watching their ears and body language quite closely. Cause quite frankly, Fandango could squash my horse. Not that he would. He’s much too well trained for that kind of behavior.

I’m learning a lot about how dressage riders are trained in Germany and I’ll tell you what, it’s a SERIOUS business. Anke has a lifetime of official and unofficial training under her belt. And I love the terms. Bereiter means trainer. When you’ve attained the highest level of certification as a German equine professional for horse and rider training, that’s called a Pferdewirtschaftsmeister. Say that three times fast; go ahead, I dare ya.

I have a funny story about Pferd, which is German for horse. I was in Mexico on a triathlon training trip with Hubby and Coach Allison and Anke was caring for Now Voyager. Now remember, English is a second language for Anke. Still, she wrote me the most wonderful emails updating me on Now Voyager’s well being. I have a bit of separation anxiety when I have to leave my animals and her emails made me so happy.

So she was relating that Now Voyager was getting used to her and that when he did well on the lunge line she would say “bravus pferd” (I may be spelling this wrong). When I asked what that meant she said “good boy.” So feeling very cosmopolitan I worked my new German phrase into my vocabulary. Us English Majors just love playing with words.

I called a few people horses over the next few weeks until Anke caught me doing it and corrected the error. So much for cosmopolitan.

Here’s a cute photo of my boy the day he arrived in my life…

Fair warning, the longer this lameness goes on the more I’m going to write about horses. I’m not getting my usual dose of horsey time so it has to come out somewhere! And I’ll keep you posted on the mystery lameness (possible hoof abscess).


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