Posted by: forgingahead | May 13, 2008

Strong Recovery

First of all, a big hug my hubby Bert for contributing one of his amazing photos to make my blog beautiful. He created this masterpiece on our road trip up the Oregon coast. Check out his other amazing work at his Flickr site linked over there to the right…

Just a quick update to say that I’m quite pleased and pleasantly surprised that the recovery from the big bike ride was pretty darn easy.

Legs were a little bit tired today, but in a good way. Amazing what the body can do when trained properly!

Tomorrow I get fitted for my wetsuit in preparation for the big swim in SF Bay on Thursday. This is a week of firsts for me and I’m having a great time.

My teenage years were filled with thrills like this. Like the first time I wore a skirt, stockings and (in hindsight) ridiculously high heels to my first day of a new school in the eighth grade. Talk about tackling many new things at once. I was completely out of my element. After going to school in SF for grades 1-7 I’m plunged into a small suburban town where my red hair still stood out but my white skin not so much.

I walked to school with my heart in my throat and while I made it through the day it was mostly thanks to the adrenaline. So it’s not really so much fear of the unknown as the excitement of possibility. It’s been years and it turns out I miss that feeling. Now that I’ve rediscovered it I’m going to make it a point to work it into my life more often (but in a reasonable way – no sky diving for this gal).

A swim in the 50 degree San Francisco Bay with a marathon swimmer as my guide is more my speed. Details to follow…

Swimmingly, KB

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