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Sunny Maui





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Rainy Maui


Maui is beautiful even in the rain. And there has been lots of rain today. Fingers crossed that the weather returns to its regular program of sunshine tomorrow :-)

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Pretty pictures from my run along the Charles River yesterday. I am a little tired and at a loss for words so I’m going to leave it at that. Hope you all are having a good week!

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11 Weeks to Escape from Alcatraz


And only 5 weeks to the Silicon Valley Super Sprint! This race has been relocated to Half Moon Bay because UVAS reservoir in Morgan Hill is too low. I’m psyched to be able to do a triathlon in the town where my horse lives and where I’ve done so much running and cycling through the years.

So two weeks went by with nary a training block or a blog post. I knew that was going to happen because I was traveling for work. And when I travel for work the days really slip by. It’s like time on speed.

I did run the Rocky Stairs in Philly. Rocky needs to come to SF and experience a real flight of stairs. Stairs with some vertical challenge built into them. Regardless it was fun to run them and run through the snow!

I was only in Atlanta for 24 hours so nothing to report there.

In Chicago I managed to squeeze in a quick swim in one of my favorite pools one morning and a run along the snow packed lakeshore on day two. Good times!

I am not going to be ready for Alcatraz. But I am going to keep forging ahead as if I will be on the starting line. It’s all I can do now.

Not sure if it’s age or stress or a combo of both but I’m getting some sort of frozen shoulder when I travel now. When the pain kicks in swimming is out of the question. I tested that theory this week and the swim made my shoulder very cross with me. So that’s new and exciting. Sigh.

Plus some weird pain that starts around my hip/butt and radiates down the front to my quads? Seriously? Color me annoyed.

Pics below…




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13 weeks to Escape from Alcatraz


Training wise this was a very good week! 2 pool swims, 2 spin classes and today a run on the bluff above the beach! Rainbows galore. A few pics from the lovely path in Half Moon Bay…


20140301-180611.jpg Best wishes to all for days filled with sunshine and rainbows :-)

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Happy Horse


Now Voyager was completely sound yesterday! For non-horsey folks that means he had no pain and moved freely forward through walk, trot and canter.

I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing in celebration as we rode along. NV was one happy horse!

As I mentioned the other day he basically has new orthotics in his shoes (bar pads) and these seem to have done the trick.

Now the work begins to get both NV and myself back into some semblance of riding fitness.

On the fitness front I also got to the pool last night and swam 1,000 meters. That’s 2 days of training in a row. It’s a sad state of affairs that I am so pleased with 2 days but you gotta start somewhere.

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14 weeks to Escape from Alcatraz


Last week I managed one swim in the pool and one spin class. Plus a couple of long walks. Today I got to spin class again. We’re on a roll (pun intended).

Fourteen weeks to the big show and if I don’t get into my training routine this week I’m going to lose a little faith in myself.

Enough whining – lots of good stuff going on!

My grandma turned 90 years young this week and mom organized a fabulous party!

My brother and his wife came to town and we had lots of good chats.

Now Voyager’s new bar pads seem to be providing him relief in his front hooves which I’m just thrilled about!

Last weekend we saw our good friends Erin and David and their adorable kids. We were long overdue for a visit and it was big fun. We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge!

This weekend we connected with my good friend Rachel (Happy Birthday!) and enjoyed some tasty food at the aptly named Tacolicious!

So here’s to the power of positive thinking!


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Shuffling Along


Tasty frozen hot chocolate drink from a yummy chocolate store on Valencia.

I went for a short run yesterday. Two weeks after my last run. It felt about as solid as my swim. I swear this restart of my training is worse than when I started a month ago.

Let’s recap.

Week one: 2 spin classes, 2 runs, 1 swim, 2 rest days. Training is off to a great start and I’m feeling good!

Week two: 1 spin class and 6 sick days.

Week three: 6 more sick days followed by 1 run.

Week 4: 1 spin class, 1 swim, 5 days of too much work and general lethargy.

Week 5: 1 run, 3 days in Vegas, more lethargy.

So 5 weeks (35 days) into my training I’ve done 10 workouts when I should have done 30. I’m in the hole. Just to recap:
4 spin classes
4 runs
2 swims

Impressive! Not.

Today marks 15 weeks until Escape From Alcatraz. I am officially restarting my training. Wish me luck.

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I was in Vegas for the last few days. A work related thing.

Mostly I saw the inside of hotel ballrooms and hallways that stretched on forever.

No training update on Alcatraz. Mostly because there has been no training. And the days go by. Time is running out. What is that saying about if you want different results you have to act differently? Let me sleep on that and get back to you.

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Swim swim swim

Breaking news! I went for a swim last night. I felt slow and uncoordinated but at least I was back in the pool.

I have to talk about what I did yesterday because I didn’t do anything today.

The rains have arrived and while I am very happy for the water I confess I stayed indoors as a result.

I need to go check on Now Voyager tomorrow to see how he is faring in this weather.

Zinger has been happy to sleep on my lap as much as possible.

Apologies for the uninspired posting. I’ll get back on my game soon.

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